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The team at AZ Store Planning offers complete renovation, store opening and store design services to businesses looking to stand out from the masses with superior store presentation design strategies

Devote more energy to your day-to-day commercial activities and let us make your store an inspiring, aesthetically pleasing commerce with a layout designed for optimal exposure. Our experts will make every moment your customers spend in your store a special one. With our wide network of partners, let us guide you to the expert that suits you best. Whether for construction, store design or merchandising, we will be able to orient you. Articulate your brand image to boost your in-store sales!

Our team are among the elite of the industry when it comes to creating a welcoming environment for customers looking to fulfill their specific needs. Be it for clothing boutiques, sportswear and outdoor activity stores, furniture outlets, pharmacies, libraries or hardware stores, our team of experts have you covered.
Outshine your competition and define your commercial image with us today.

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1. Commercial Designer Services

Outshine your competition and define your commercial image to solidify your branding,achieving greater sales in the process.

How, you ask? Through the services of an innovative and inspiring commercial designer that will come up with bold store planning strategies tailor-made for your commerce. We will refer you to the highest-qualified designer for your store planning project : the designers we refer our client to are among the best in the industry.

2. Commercial property hunting

Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent a commercial building or space, you can count on us and your commercial designer to find the ideal emplacement for your commerce.

Using our in-depth market research based on analysing local behaviours and local stores, we’re able to determine the ideal emplacement for your store as well as find the best property that will fit both your long-term goals and your current budget.

3. Simplified financing for your store planning

Looking for advantageous financing solutions for the planning, renovation or grand opening of your store? You’ve reached the right people. The team at AZ Planning is constantly in communication with the very best financial partners that will be more than happy to help you find the right financing solution for your commercial project.

4. In-store display marketing for your products

Your high-quality merchandise needs a deserving display. You can trust our creativity and our years of experience when it comes to selecting the best in-store displays for your store.

We have the know-how for designing efficient, unique and extraordinary displays for your store within your allocated budget. Thanks to our close relationship with Elite Store Fixtures as well as our woodworking division, we’re able to offer a vast selection of fixed presentation displays among which you’ll surely find the right one for your commerce. You will also benefit from our undeniable know-how when it comes to ordering in large quantities from overseas providers, allowing you to save even more on your in-store displays.

5. Display design, renovation contracting and commercial space construction

Many contractors would be glad to offer their services to build or renovate your commerce. As quality standards vary so much from contractor to contractor, we will refer you to nothing but the best and most qualified contractor companies for your project. You have our word that their service will be of the utmost quality.

6. Display delivery and installation

Let our renowned team of specialists handle the delivery and installation of your displays, allowing you to devote your full attention to your commercial activities.

We’ll use any means necessary to find the ideal transport company that offers the best pricing on the market as well as speedy delivery times, keeping you well within your deadlines.

7. In-store display design

You in-store display marketing is amongst the best ways to define both your brand image and attract return customers, allowing your commerce to grow and become all it can be.

For all these reasons, it’s important to refer your display design to visual merchandising experts. They are specialized in helping you design an attractive and enticing storefront, which, in turn, will directly impact your customers. Our plastic, urethane and fibreglass storefront mannequins are among the many ways to encourage brand fidelity within your customers. Your in-store displays speak directly to your customers, engaging them in your branding all while allowing you to maximize your store space and growing your sales figures.

8. Final preparation

Is your grand opening getting closer? We’ll be happy to give your store planning a beautiful finishing touch.

We’ll go through your entire commerce and make sure everything is pristine before your launch date. We take pride in our customers’ complete satisfaction.

9. Store grand opening

You can count on our team to be there when the big day comes : we’ll be on-site to celebrate your achievement with you.

Any questions? Get in touch with one of our representatives today!

Our projects

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P-O-P display – Sports goods
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Store fixtures – Solution systeme
Store fixtures – Mannequins
Store planning – Men retail store
Store planning – Maternity retail store
Store planning – Sports retail store
Store planning – Women retail store
Warehouse planning – Hanger organization

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