Point of Purchase Displays

Never leave your product display placement up to luck.

About our Point-Of-Purchase or POP displays

The way your products are presented to your customers is one of the key ways to stand out from your competition in the eyes of consumers. AZ offers you expert services in designing and building « store-in-a-store » displays created to enhance the presentation of your products and entice your customers.
Our approach consists in understanding the fundamental needs of your business and establishing a store display strategy designed with your vision and goals in mind.

Our services include :

  • A full store display study
  • 3D modeling
  • Sample presentation
  • Custom-made production
  • Display delivery and installation
Take a look at our portfolio

No matter your needs or your business domain, our experience in designing high-quality POP displays will help you maximize your sales and perfect your store image.

Specialists in several sectors :


We are experts in designing « store-in-a-store » sections, display racks and sales-surface planning aimed at clothing retailers. According to your needs and based upon our market study, we will conceive and design all-inclusive displays for clothing, lingerie, handbags, shoes, coats, jewelry, underwear, belts, ties and hats as well as provide you with a complete merchandising strategy whose goal is to optimize your sales.

Food and produce

Opt for food and produce displays carefully designed to show off the quality of your merchandise. Our experience in working with materials such as metal, wood, plexi and acrylic allow us to conceive and craft display concepts designed to meet the needs of retail food chains, convenience stores, specialized food markets, restaurants and more.

Sporting goods and clothing

We design and build displays for sports footwear, bicycles, skis, snowboards and related accessories. Be a visionary and opt for our modern, ergonomic and industry-proven point of purchase displays designed with your target audience in mind.

Construction materials

Our demonstration displays are tailor-made to be visually appealing to your clients and allow you to clearly show off your construction materials, plumbing accessories, isolation material, quartz samples, screws, nails, nuts and bolts as well as any other renovation-related products you keep in stock. Our turn-key solutions allow you to focus on your day-to-day commercial activities while we handle the conception and design of the merchandising of your store or of your new division.

Ceramic tile samples

Equip your business with custom display racks created to really show off your floating floors, hardwood and ceramic tiles. You’ll love their high-quality build, their durability and how simple their assembly is.

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Our projects

P-O-P display – Flooring sample
Store fixtures – Flexibility
P-O-P display – Sports goods
Store fixtures – Slatwall
Store fixtures – Gondola
Store fixtures – Solution systeme
Store fixtures – Mannequins
Store planning – Men retail store
Store planning – Maternity retail store
Store planning – Sports retail store
Store planning – Women retail store
Warehouse planning – Hanger organization
P-O-P display – Handling material
P-O-P display-Electronic
P-O-P display- Alimentation
P-O-P display- Footwear
Warehouse planning – Handling material
Warehouse planning – Retail
Warehouse planning – Restaurant
Warehouse planning- Hospitality

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