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With more than 15 years of experience in retail displays, Elite is your number one choice for your store display projects. The team at Elite Store Fixtures has designed and delivered numerous projects over the course of the years. With our vast selection and inventory of products coming from local manufacturing plants made of metal, wood as well as a variety of imported Asian materials, our store displays are sure to meet your every need at a competitive price.
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Solution System


The Solution System is a mural rack system with an array of accessories that allow for a variety of different in-store presentations. This system offers many advantages such as its flexibility, its ease of use and assembly along with a large choice of colors and finishes, allowing you to match them perfectly with your products.



Store gondola shelf rackings are a display consisting of superposed shelves designed to maximize the presentation space of your products. Our gondola racking system comes in 3 varieties and with a selection of additional sections. Accessories provided with our gondola shelf rackings are all interchangeable.



Looking for a store fixture that you can’t find on our web site? Don’t worry : the team at Elite Store Fixtures has a vast network of partners across North America that will help them find the right store display for you.



Our slatwall division come with a variety of finishes and textures for their panels along with accessories that will help differentiate your store from the masses.



From the store-front mannequin to busts for men, women or children, we have what you need to maximize the in-store presentation of your clothing.

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Our projects

P-O-P display – Flooring sample
Store fixtures – Flexibility
P-O-P display – Sports goods
Store fixtures – Slatwall
Store fixtures – Gondola
Store fixtures – Solution systeme
Store fixtures – Mannequins
Store planning – Men retail store
Store planning – Maternity retail store
Store planning – Sports retail store
Store planning – Women retail store
Warehouse planning – Hanger organization

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